Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adios Mexico; Bonjour French Polynesia!

After 15 years of dreaming and scheming, it's finally time to sail to those beautiful French Polynesian islands - white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and lots of fish (sharks) - oh my!
Moondance crew 2011
Brian, our crew member, is on board (yeah) and Moondance is shipshape and ready to sail.

We have stuffed all of the lockers with 4 months of provisioning, spare parts, and fuel. We are out of room and water line!

We are leaving Puerto Vallarta/Banderas Bay today.  We hope to find some wind out there.  If not, we will motor/sail to Cabo San Lucas, refuel, and wait for a weather window.

We want to catch the Trade Winds that will sail us across the Equator and all the way to French Polynesia - what a ride!

Moondance crew 2000

Yeah, it took a little longer than we anticipated and we are a little older than we wanted to be, but we have learned so much a long the way and have seen and done so many wonderful things and met some amazing people - time flew by!

Thank You to all of our family and friends who have supported us along the way - you have kept us going!

Our current sail plan: Mexico, Gambiers, Australs, Societies, Marquesas, and the Hawaiian islands for the winter. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Come and see us sometime - we would love to have you aboard Moondance.

Only 3130 nautical miles to go!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Safe, smooth sailing!! Have a blast! Lots of good thoughts being sent your way from "Meerkat" xoxo

Behan said...

So happy for you- it's a big day!! Fair winds... we can't wait to follow along, and look forward to when our tracks get to cross again.

Wudrich said...

Can't wait for more updates, stories and photos, take care of my Dad (Brian).

Fern said...

Loved the photo of Team Moondance. Ironic that I, the Wind Hater, is praying for wind! Beware of pirates, fake pearls, sharks, scurvy, mutiny, etc and keep your 18-point tethers on siempre. I know you'll bring my Brian back home to me healthy and happy...just hope he doesn't want to buy a sailboat or join the merchant marines. Love you to bits. God bless. Fern
p.s. I promise to not read any scary survival-at-sea stories till you're all safe and sound across the big water.

Sir Naviguess said...


We look forward to many exciting blog posts along your travels.

-Jacob & Julia
sv Pisces