Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 5 - A differnt heading

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 15-00.68N; LONGITUDE: 117-13.22W
COURSE: 184T; SPEED: 6.8
DISTANCE TO GO: 2465nm ++
24 HOUR RUN: 153nm

All's well aboard Moondance except the crew is a little tired. We had good wind all night and we covered some ground, but the waves made sleeping very difficult. Brian was a trooper and manned the helm for many hours so that Doug and I could get some rest (I slept the best in the cockpit). A couple cups of coffee and Brian was good to go until almost dawn. Great crew we have!

Today, we changed our course from South West to due South so that we have a shot of hitting the Gambiers. We are officially in the Trade Winds and should have steady winds (hopefully not waves) until we hit the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) or the Doldrums. That's a whole 'nother story. Due to the direction the winds have taken us, our course will be a little longer than planned - of course!

We are stilling running wing-n-wing and making good time. We had calm seas this morning, which was wonderful, but it looks like the big waves are back and that we might be in for another night of rock-n-roll. Oh well!

Changing course meant we had to shuffle everything to the other side of the boat to keep it from flying across later. We are getting smarter! Of course, now we have to get use to leaning the other way. Good work out for those other muscles!

Miss everyone and hope you are well!

PS: If you want a visual map of our journey, click the "Where is Moondance" link at the top right of the blog. I update our position daily.

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