Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Christmas Eve!

And all thru the boat, not a creature was stirring.  That's right, now even the crew!
Moondance's Santa

We will be spending Christmas with friends at Saweni Beach as Landlubbers this year. 

Luxurizing by the pool with our umbrella drinks waiting for Santa to stop by.

What a treat!
Hello Santa!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday surrounded by friends and family.

We will be thinking of you!

Lots of decorations
From the Fiji paper: Snowman - The snowman is a figure carved out of snow used as a popular decoration and has become an icon of Christmas in recent times. Building a snowman could be a fun-filled activity for you and your family. So, those who live in cold countries with abundant snowfall must try building one this winter. Hah!
Rocking Christmas Trees

PS:  We had a fun-filled December hanging out with friends and working on projects.

Below are a few random photos.
Trying to Paddle Board - harder than it looks!

Fun day with friends
Famous Cloudbreak surf - not today!