Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 19 - Dodging storms

Moondance stats:

LATITUDE: 03-43.33S; LONGITUDE: 134-17.84W
24 HOUR RUN: 113m

All's well aboard Moondance! We are little tired and cranky, but doing okay. We spent the last 24 hours dodging storms and were fairly successful - only got rained on once. Of course, all of these storms create lots of rough seas, so we didn't get much sleep either. Doug and I actually just slept in the cockpit and took turns on watch. Wasn't so bad - at least we had company.

Only one incident to report. Doug and I were in the cockpit talking. Doug looks over my shoulder and his eyes get very big. Next thing I know a big wave hit me on the back, knocked me off my seat, and onto the floor. No worries though - I was tethered in and wasn't going any where. Sure woke me up though!

Today, we have 15 - 20 knots of wind, so we are making up some time. It is definitely not a smooth ride though (picture me typing with a death grip on the Nav Station). Hopefully, the rough seas will start to flatten as the storms settle down. We have only had to dodge a couple today, so things are looking up.

Not much else to report - still haven't had our Easter dinner. Oh well!

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Anonymous said...

Ahoy Moondance! Hang tight we are sailing with in spirit and will pray for smooth waters and calming winds Doug drive a few screws in Carla`s life vest so we can see her again in one piece Love Mom Dad