Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 3 - Duldrums all ready?

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 18-21.27N; LONGITUDE: 113-55.27W
COURSE: 208T; SPEED: 5.6kt
24 HOUR RUN: 96nm

All is well - Moondance and crew are doing fine. We just haven't covered much ground in 24 hours! We had 6 hours of no wind last night, but were lucky that a little current kept us going in the right direction. We were happy to see the wind pick up and the sun is shining. Doug and Brian have been experimenting with downwind sailing. First, the spinnaker. It didn't stay up very long - the wind was too unsettled. Then, wing-on-wing. That seems to be moving us along very well, so we are going to stick with it. Per the weather gurus, starting tonight we should be getting good steady winds from the north. We shall see!

Our watch schedule seems to be working out well: 2 hours on; 4 hours off. With 3 of us on board, it means that Doug and I actually get to sleep together for 2 whole hours - whoopee! The Kitchen Winch (that's me) does 2 night watches, but no day watches. I think it will work out well as long as I put semi-good food on the table and on time. Today, the Butter Chicken Curry was good, but the pita bread could have been used for hockey pucks. Oh well, the guys ate them.

It is pretty quiet out her. We only saw one other boat yesterday - a shrimper - and no one is chatting on the VHF. A few birds fly by to check on us, but that's about it. Our fishing lines are in the water, but no bites yet. So, there is lots of time to watch the beautiful blue water pass us by and reflect on our adventure.

PS: French is a very hard language!

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