Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quick Trip Back to Denarau

Welllll, we had to make a trip back to Port Denarau Marina - good thing we like it here.

Daily Boat Parade at Denarau
I (Doug) haven't been feeling well since we left. Fever, sore throat, and can't talk (Carla likes that part).

I found a clinic in Nadi above the MH that diagnosed a upper respiratory infection ($20 USD).

Good stuff!

Drugs prescribed and feeling better (of course).

More boats are now moving around. Four of us came in from Musket cove, and there was only one mooring left at the end of the day. Lucky we got here early.  The docks are also fuller than they have been.

Another beauty!
While we are here, we are taking care of the usual things, laundry and provisioning (mostly beer and Coke Zero).

Plus, eating breakfast at Cardo's - bacon egg cheese roll. It costs $2.40 USD, yummy and a great deal.

We hope to leave on Friday and plan to head straight to Naviti to swim with the Manta Rays while they feed and to meet up with our friends on Interlude.  Wish us luck!

We just got word that our great friends, Kathy and Deb, will be joining us in July. We are sooo excited!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to the Islands - yeah!

We spent almost a week at the Port Denarau marina - time flew!

Surrounded by Super Yachts
Moondance was in the neighborhood where all of the super yachts are docked.

Helicopters, crews with matching uniforms, and lots of money being spent.

Kind of like us - but different!

The fast boat!
We like this place.

Several yacht shops, markets, and lots of dining.

We spent the time working very hard - at least very hard for us!  Doug overhauled the generator, put in a fancy automatic flush toilet (fancy), and lots of other projects.
Celebrating a Birthday and saying Goodbyes

I stayed out of the way and spent my hours polishing Moondance's hull.  It was nasty!
Moondance shining at Musket
Sunrise at Musket Cove

Now, we are back at Musket Cove hanging out with our friends and playing in the water.

We even got to sail here - what a treat.  Cruisers don't get to do much day sailing.

We will stay a few days and then head for the outer islands.

Roast pig - going to have to try it
Sounds like our first stop will be the island of Naviti.

Famous for the big Manta Rays that feed in the bay this time of year - oh my.  Hope I get some get some good pictures and don't have a heart attack!

PS:  Megan these beautiful island pictures are for you!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Musket Cove - a wonderful place!

We finally made it to the Mamanuca Islands - at least one of them.  We left Port Denarua and motored about 12 miles to Musket Cove, which is on the island Malolo Lailai. 

Snorkelers on the sand bar - only available at low tide
These islands are so different from the big islands of Fiji.

Beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters and most of the tourists go away at dusk - except us of course.

Of course, there are lots of reefs, so you have to travel slow and watch where you are going.
Checking out Musket Cove Marina

We have heard so much about Musket Cove - it is definitely a cruisers favorite.   Now we know why!
Hanging at the Musket Cove Yacht Club

We grabbed a mooring ball and checked into the marina.

Plus signed up for the Musket Cove Yacht Club membership and went to join our friends at the Club.

Watching the seaplane land
So nice to be surrounded by friends where ever we go.

Moon over Malolo
Always happy to show you around and share their local knowledge - like use the mooring balls with caution - yikes! 

There are 3 resorts at Malolo Lailai, plus a well-stocked grocery store, laundry and shower facilities.

And lots of touristy things going on. We enjoyed watching it all - very entertaining.
Gang of Interlude going snorkeling

We had planned on staying at Musket Cove and doing all the fun stuff, but weather changed our mind.
Mystery flower?

A big wet and windy storm was heading our way, so we decided to duck back into Port Denarau Marina.

Good choice.
View from Musket Cove Marina

So we are working on projects, shopping, and a little goofing off, plus trying to stay dry.

We plan on heading back to the islands next week for some more fun.  Our goal, make it all the way to the end of Yasawa islands - yeah!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Port Denarau Island

Well, we finally left Vuda Point Marina. Of course, we didn't go very far. Only 5 miles to Port Denarau Marina where we were hooked to a mooring ball.  Love having the breeze and gentle waves rocking us to sleep again!
The gang hanging out at Cardo's - yes that is a beer tower!
After being at Vuda Point for over 6 months, it was a big event to get Moondance ready to go sailing.  We are happy to report, all systems seem to be working just fine.  Yeah!

Port Denarau is so different than Vuda Point. This is the touristy town of Fiji - a small version of Cabo San Lucas.
Parasailing over the island
But, we are enjoying ourselves. There are lots of places to dine, shopping, yacht stores, etc...

Hard Rock - not!
Even a Hard Rock Cafe - too funny.  We sit in our cockpit listening to the bands playing.

No hard rock here - just mellow songs off the current hit list.

Dinghy provisioning
This is easy place to provision.

Just hop the Westbus to Queens Hwy and transfer to a Namaka or Nadi bus.

Don't forget the Kava - of course.  Gonna to need that when you visit the outer islands.
Moondance - the little boat

All kinds of stores, plus the fresh fruit and veggie market.

We spent 3 days in Port Denarau and had a great time, plus got some projects done.

But, it is time to move on - lots of Fiji to see.

Beautiful dancing girls
So, today we had a wonderful trip (motor that is) over to Musket Cove - a cruisers favorite.

Of course, you have to be careful not to run into any of the reefs.  There are lots of those!

I have some great pictures to share of our first day - you are going to love them.

Keep checking back!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bula Bula!

Yes, we are still in the marina, but we are almost ready to untie the dock lines and head to the islands - yeah!
View from the top
As always, it has taken us longer than expected, but everything is going well.  All systems on Moondance are working and everything is in place - almost.
Orange Pass - no wonder we didn't win!

Doug has done an excellent job - as always.  Plus, we have had some work done by local companies.

Our sails, dodger, and bimini needed some restitching - things were starting to unravel.

Plus, our dinghy engine needed overhauled.  Last year, it caused us lots of problems.  It now is running perfectly - good thing. 
8 inches of rain - wow

We would probably sailing right now if I hadn't decided we needed to varnish.

Oh well, our exterior teak had been neglected too long.
Hanging out with Interlude
Good thing we have friends to hang out with and fun stuff to do to pass the time.

There is always something going on around here and we have made lots of great friends.

Some will sail off to other countries, but lots will be sailing around Fiji with us.

Fiji Night
It will be wonderful to share all of our Fiji experiences with other cruisers.

Bird of Paradise
As of now, we plan on leaving Vuda Point Marina on Thursday.

We will spend a couple of days on a mooring ball in Port Denarau and then on to Musket Cove on the island of Malolo Lailai.
Another beauty

Then, slowly make our way up the Yasawa islands.  We have heard so many wonderful things about these islands - looking forward to seeing them for ourselves.

It is going to be a fun year!