Monday, August 17, 2015

Birthday Week!

I had a great time celebrating my Birthday Week (#58) in Savusavu.

Enjoying the gardens
Too big event for just a day - hah!

It was also a good excuse to be wined and dined and do some tourist stuff.
My special card
Plus, balloons, cards, presents, and Yachties and locals singing and wishing me Happy Birthday.

Balloons and presents!
What a wonderful treat.

Not sure why people avoid birthdays, I thoroughly enjoyed mine!
Doug enjoying his massage!

Doug and had I lovely massages at Una's house. $50 (FJ) for a one-hour massage.
Walking the plank to Una's!

It was excellent and we highly recommend it.
Birthday dinner with friends

Friends from s/v Ranganui and s/v Bonaparte joined us at the Hot Springs Hotel for dinner and dessert (of course).

Then homemade ice cream for second dessert (why not?).

Bottle Palm

We had a very nice tour of the Flora Tropica Gardens.
Beautiful palms

Over 300 different types of palms from all over the world - started from seed.
Baby Honeyeater

Plus, excellent signs identifying the palms, native habitat, and if the species was threatened.
Cruising kids having fun

$5 (FJ) for a taxi ride, plus $20 (FJ) for tickets, that included a guided tour.

And more palms, of course
Plus, you get a nice walk.

Check it out next time you are in Savusavu!
Circus in Savusavu

Nothing to do with my birthday, but the Drifting Circus came to town and performed at the Copra Shed Marina.
Music and entertainment

There were about 20 performers from all over the world that arrived in Savusavu aboard 3 sailing boats.
Spanish music anyone?

They had some excellent musicians and singers, plus clowns and jugglers that entertained the crowd.
Mystery flower

The best part, watching the Fijians belly laugh thru the slapstick comedy routines - too funny!
Waiting for the bus

As you can see, I had a wonderful Birthday Week in Savusavu!

I wonder where I will be celebrating #59...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Plan X

We are both tired (and cranky) after spending 3 weeks in Savusavu watching the weather and planning our trip to Futuna for our annual "Get Out Of Fiji" run.

Girls Night Out

Gang checking out Curry Night at Waitui Marina
We have already blown thru Plans A, B, C, D....

We are now on Plan X and we think it is going to work!

Our Fiji Visitor Visas expire on August 17.

We were hoping to make our Futuna run and extend our Visa's all at the same time.
Getting our daily exercise

Well, that didn't work because of the weather conditions.

So now, the plan is to pay for additional 6 month visas.

Cost is $667 (FJ) which covers both of us because we are married.  Plus, $190 fee (FJ) for my additional application. 

Late night New Zealand/Australia Rugby Match
We will be in Washington State for Family Fun from September 7 - October 21.  Yeah!

Sunset over Savusavu

We have been licking our lips over big ol' burgers, pizzas, steaks, and of course lots of good beer and wine.

So excited - family, food, and fun!

When we return from the USA in October, we will sail to Futuna. 

No timeline, no pressure, plus hopefully good sailing weather.

 Now, we are going to relax and enjoy the rest of our time in Fiji.

PS:  Sorry for the whining.  As you can see by the pictures, we have been keeping busy and having fun.

Lots of socializing, games, activities, and dinners with friends.

Life is good - even when you are stuck!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Still in Savusavu...

Along with a lot of other Yachties!
Moored off the Copra Shed Marina
I know, we have been here two weeks already, but the weather is still crazy.

There has been high wind warnings, fronts, troughs, lows, all kinds of fun stuff coming thru Fiji this year.

Making a rain catcher
Captain Doug is tired of looking at the daily weather reports!

But, at least Savusavu is a good place to be stuck.

Savusavu Sailing School
We are surrounded by lots of old and new friends - all  doing the same thing - watching the weather.

So, we have been very social!

Row row row your boat!
Plus, working on projects (of course) and lots of shopping.

After 6 weeks of touring the Lau Group, Moondance's lockers were empty.

Since big rains are expected, Doug has been designing a rain catchment system.

Still in prototype, but we think it is going to work.
Celebration flags

Good thing, we are almost out of water and you really shouldn't run your watermaker in a marina!
Hooked a big one

Then, our dinghy engine stopped working.

After rowing around for a few days, Doug called Sanjay.

Touring Nawi Island
After one day and $80 FJ, Sanjay got it running. Yeah!

So, Moondance and crew are fueled up and ready to go.
Enjoying the view from Nawi Island

We just need to be patient and wait for the weather to settle so that we can make our Futuna run.

Very short parade!

Just want to get it over with so we can can explore more of Fiji.
Rainbow over the mooring field

Until then, we will just relax and enjoy Savusavu.

We will keep you posted!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pictures of Fulaga - Finally!

We had a great overnight sail from Fulaga to Taveuni.  15 - 20 knots of winds, calm seas, no rain, and a gazillion stars to guide us.

Of course, we were really suppose to go to Koro Island, but the winds weren't in our favor.  Plus, we had our friends Karen and Cheryl on s/v Interlude waiting for us at Paradise at the southern end of Taveuni.  We were OK with the change of plans.

We only saw one bogey/ship along the way.  Well, it really turned out to be an active volcano (not) or an island on fire (probably).  It was huge, whatever it was! 

We anchored off of Paradise Resort on Taveuni for 3 nights and enjoyed the luxuries (bar, restaurant, pool, internet, etc.), plus hanging out with the Yachties.  The resort is definitely yacht friendly and they even help you anchor.  Plus, the water is so clear.  Doug wants to go diving on Rainbow Reef next time we are there - supposed to be amazing.

Then we motor/sailed to Savusavu.  Only 9 hours away, but it was a rolly-polly ride.  Oh well, the sun was shining.  Plus, we saw a school of small Mahi-Mahi - pretty cool.

Now, we are moored in front of the Copra Shed Marina - one of our favorite places in Fiji.  Lots of cheap eats, plus a great fruit and veggie market and grocery stores.  We have missed our vegetables and Coke Zero.

We will be here until we can find a weather window to Futuna.  Might be awhile.  Oh well, it will give us a chance to check out every restaurant, bar, and store in town.

Enjoy the pictures of Fulaga - there is a lot of them - in no order what so ever!

Our wonderful Fulaga Hosts!

Going to a Birthday Party!

Sleeping thru the picnic

Beach combing


Photo op!
Happy Birthday, Anna

Bocci challenge

Buli and Lako
Tongan bones - yikes

Church Day

My view during church

Visiting after church

Ladie Clammers

Beautiful shell

Hike to the Old Village

Beautiful spot by the swimming pools

School remodeling

Doug and Ma

Another beautiful beach


Small crab; big claw

Doug R&R'ing

Ride thru the lagoon

Dinghy maintenance

More lagoon - so amazing

Husking a coconut

Fishing on the waka

Foraging for sea grapes/cavier

Fulaga finally!

Fishing in the pools

Beach time

Happy Hour!

Cheryl and Karen - basketweavers

Joe and Tara visiting Moondance

Colors of the lagoon  - ah

Joshua - what a sweetie


Traveling thru the lagoon

One of our beaches - low tide only

More rocks and water!

Volleyball anyone?

Saulate teaching Lisa to weave

Weaving lessons

Lots of clams!

Low tide in the lagoon

Lunch is served

Ma and Joshua

Moondance at the village

Sweet lady

Be Healthy!

View from Naividamu village

Our Morning Mermaids

So cute

Big Crab Claw

Moondance at the Sand Spit

Food coming off the lovo - yum

Making bread bundles for the lovo

Lots of crabs and more coming

Party on Pacifica

Handmade gifts from our Hosts - beautiful!

At the Sand Spit

Beer break!

Lots of crabs

Lunch is ready!

My lunch plate

Mushroom rocks inside the lagoon

Making the food baskets

Trying to weave - yikes

Pounding the kava

Love the sand between my toes

Snorkeling the pass

Loving the camera

Sweet girls

And tough boys

Our view - spectacular

Enjoying the swimming pools

Sunset over the lagoon

Another beauty

Cruising the lagoon again

Ducking out of the rain

Lunch at the pool!

Dive in!

Tara preparing lunch

Winilasa jam-packed with Villagers after the picnic

Weaving lessons

Teddy and Joe carving

Such beautiful work

View from the old village

Dish up!
Lots of carving - with hatchets - yikes!

Beautiful work

Yachties enjoying Happy Hour

More fish
Teddy serving kava

Wood carvings at the church