Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The beautiful Pacific Northwest

I know, we grew up here, but it still takes our breath away! The blue skies, the Cascade Mountain Range, the cold nights/warm days, and the wonderful smell of pine trees - everywhere!

We left Alameda on July 16, but didn't make it very far. We spent the night in Redding, where the temps were 100 plus - but it was a dry heat - hah! We did a quick tour of the Sundial Bridge - pretty cool.

Right now - we are in Sunriver, Oregon, staying at Phil and Danette's cabin on the Deschutes river. It is beautiful and we are enjoying all of the amenities.

Phil and Danette joined us for the weekend and we spent the days exploring. We rented bikes and had a great time racing (hah) to the nearest watering hole. They have some wonderful bike trails that take you around the golf courses, the river, and the beautiful homes.

We drove up to the Newberry Volcano - Paulina Peak to check out the volcano, caldera, and the lakes. It is a pretty amazing place.

Also, a wonderful view of the waterfalls.

I have to say, there is lots to see in Central Oregon. You should check it out.

We have also been exploring the brewpubs - it is true! The Pacific Northwest is famous for its brewpubs. There is 4 here in Bend. Beers are good, but the food is amazing.

We will be hanging here until July 26. Next stop is Tri-Cities, Washington. Upcoming events: a visit from Doug's family, a Warren family reunion, and a fishing trip to Ocean Shores. Can't beat that!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alameda highlights...

What good friends we have. Tim and Karen (Sogno D' Oro) let us stay on their boat - how nice is that? We have moved in and are very comfortable.

Since we arrived in Alameda, we have spent lots of time socializing with our boating buddies, attending happy hours, visiting our old haunts and generally enjoying ourselves. A special treat, Fern and Brian (La Paz amigos) stopped by for a visit and joined in on the fun!

Some highlights -

We attended the Alameda 4th of July parade - very old fashion and lots of fun.

We threw a 4th of July party at the marina - lots of old and new faces, great food, plus a spectacular fireworks show.

We went sailing on Sogno D' Oro. It was a little cool, but we enjoyed the beautiful views and the wonderful company. Thanks Tim and Karen!

We toured San Francisco - what a wonderful city.

The ladies spent the time shopping (and giggling); the men touring Fishermen's Wharf (and the pubs).

It was great to re-visit some of our favorite places.

And, of course, we ate way too much, but we enjoyed every bite!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Safe and sound back in the Alameda!

Well, it took us 8 days, but we made in back safely - thanks to Steve and Ana! We did get stopped crossing the border, but only because we couldn't decide what kind of meat was in the tamales we were smuggling. After opening our "stuffed" trunk, the border guards decided they needed to inspect further. No problemo!

We spent one night in Tucson and enjoyed our first microbrew and an American hamburger - pretty darn tasty.

We spent four nights in beautiful Sedona. Christina and Mark (Steve and Ana's relatives) were gracious hosts and we enjoyed all of the amenities. We did some hiking, threw a party, and ate and drank way too much.

Next stop, Glendale, Utah (sort of). Mike and Jeanette invited us to stay a couple of nights and tour southern Utah - it was amazing! We toured the Twisted Forest and Zion National Parks and other sites - just beautiful!

One more over nighter in Bakersfield, which is nothing special unless... you know about the Wool Growers restaurant. A local place serving amazing Basque food - we loved it, but ate way too much!

Finally, back to Alameda. It seems like we have been gone much longer than 8 months. We are looking forward to seeing our old boating buddies!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sorry we aren't with you to celebrate, but we are thinking of you!

Love Carla and Doug

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