Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 14 - 2 weeks down and we are sailing along!

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 02-54.78N; LONGITUDE: 127-53.07W
COURSE: 233T; SPEED: 5.2
24 HOUR RUN: 110m

And all is well aboard Moondance! So far, the ITCZ and the Doldrums have been very good to us. For the last 3 days, we have been sailing along with winds averaging 10 - 15 knots, plus fairly mild seas. Yesterday, the seas got a little confused - mixing the waters from the South Pacific with the North Pacific, but not bad at all. The squalls definitely affect the wind speed, but only for a short period of time. Listening to other cruisers who are ahead of us and were sitting dead calm in the water, we are very fortunate.

We are definitely getting the hang of dodging the squalls and even decided to plow through one today. It was a minor one and saved us a couple of hours of trying to dodge it. A little bit of rain never hurt anyone, did it?

We are enjoying the 89 degree air temps, plus the water temp is 86 degrees. Can't wait to hop in it once we make landfall - of course Doug says the Marquesas will be a bit cooler! We are seeing some amazing sun and moon activities, plus several double rainbows. What a view!

Can't believe it has been 2 weeks since we left Cabo - boy, time is flying by. Today, the winds are heading us more Southwest - directly to the Marquesas. Since our course has altered a bit, we won't be hitting the Equator as soon as we thought, but that's okay too.

Our best guess is that we will be in Nuku Hiva in approximately 8 days. Of course, that's if the winds keep pushing us along. The Moondance crew seems to be handling the passage just fine and no mutiny is afoot at this time!

The evil pressure cooker is out again today, but seems to be behaving. Since the guys didn't catch a fish, we are having Cuban beans with Andouille sausage and some fresh Sourdough bread. Not fish, but should be pretty darn tasty.

Hope all is well with you too!

PS: Drank the last Diet Coke today - c'est la vie.

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sharktank2003 said...

Hey Moondance! Have enjoyed your blog notes, Carla. Love the sense of humor. Be sure you have plenty of water in the pressure cooker! I love mine. I can't believe you still have fresh stuff in 2 weeks+ out. Please share your preservation hints. Just into La Paz Tues for a few days then north to Loreto Fest. Will miss you all. Blew thru San Lorenzo Pass with 42 knots on our nose and chased by the Baja Ferry! (they passed us)Cormuel, my ass. The 8-10' seas were included. So glad to hear you are moving along and adapting to a course/destination change. Guessing no Hawaii for the winter now? Had some great departing La Cruz shots I sent - when you get to a wifi place. Will try the Poke recipe - thanks! Get those library of books out when you can! Enjoy the ride. Miss you guys....Linda and Bill