Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 2 - Settling in...

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 19-25.31N; LONGITUDE: 112-45.34W
COURSE: 212T; SPEED: 6.0kt
24 HOUR RUN: 134nm

And all is well on board. We are a little tired, but doing well. Last night was a little bumpy and winds erratic, so none of us got a real good nights sleep. Today, Doug and Brian have been making adjustment on the sails, anchors, and whatever else is rattling. Tonight should be much better. We have been on the same starboard tack since leaving Cabo, so everything is leaning and falling out of the lockers. We even had to change which end of the bed we were sleeping on, plus it was challenge keeping the pear/papaya cobbler in the pan and in the oven!

Weather and water temps are warming up - yeah! For awhile, we thought Doug had tricked us and was taking us North.

We are passing through the Socorro Islands now - we can't see them, but know that they are out there. This is the last bit of land we will be anywhere near for a very long time. Fishing lines are back in the water and we are hoping for Dorado or Pargo - well anything except Bonita.

Thinking of you all and hoping you are all well and happy.

Provisioning tip: Couscous flies and should not be eaten in the cockpit on a windy day - what a mess!

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1 comment:

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh that's a lot of miles to go, but they will tick off quickly! Sorry about the couscous... cockpits always end up with a lot of food. Hugs!