Saturday, February 13, 2016

"The Rash"

Just thinking about those words makes me laugh.

Goofy Gavin!
Not because having "The Rash" was fun, but listening to my nephew Gavin talking about it in a wicked whisper was just too cute. Can't have family issues get out, you know!

Umbrella Girl
The Rash (aka Prickly Heat), sneaks up on you in hot and humid climates.

We were rookies back in 2013 and it definitely snuck up on us, but even the locals are affected. 

It does not discriminate!

Cute Hat Guy
We have learned a lot since then.

How to treat it, but also how to prevent it - which is even better.

Not feeling Dead Sexy or anything like that, but we are doing very well.

Our tips for prevention:
  • Minimize your time in the sun
  • Avoid strenuous activities during the heat of the day (we aren't good at this one)
  • Hats and umbrellas will keep out the sun and keep you cooler
  • Wear lightweight loose-fitting clothes (and wear as little as possible)
  • Take breaks to cool yourself off
  • Keep the fans going
  • Cold showers are necessary - as often as possible
  • And, a generous sprinkling of Gold Bond Medicated Powder
Have a Cool Valentine's Day!

PS:  Doug's tips are a little different.  He recommends drinking lots of beer and hanging out where there is air conditioning - hah!