Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 16 - Crossed the Equator - finally!

Moondance stats:

LATITUDE: 00-08.65S; LONGITUDE: 129-54.60W
COURSE: 224T; SPEED: 4.9
24 HOUR RUN: 110m

And all is still well on board Moondance. We crossed the Equator at 18:31 GMT today, but we are sorry to report that there wasn't a line, the waters didn't part, and there wasn't a parade - very disappointing! But, we had a mini-celebration and shared a toast of grog with Neptune asking for fair winds and more tuna!

Unfortunately, since we crossed over, we haven't had any wind. After spending some time bouncing around trying to sail, we gave up and turned on the engine. Here, we were just bragging about going almost 2000 miles without using it - that will teach us! Based on the weather reports, we won't be getting any wind until tomorrow (hopefully). So, we are enjoying (not) the sounds and smells of the ol' stink pot, but taking advantage of it and charging all of our systems. Always the silver lining.

To celebrate the big event, I baked buttermilk biscuits and brownies. I know, an interesting combination, but I wanted to get all of the baking done early. And for sure, it's our hottest day so far. Things are heating up!

I wanted to mention a few regrets I have - just for the record:

- I should have started my French lessons a long time ago - merdi
- Wish I would have gotten a haircut - bouncing around with scissors in my hand seems a bit dangerous
- We shouldn't have bought so many tomatoes - we have been tossing a few over daily

I guess that's not such a bad list considering...

Miss everyone!

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Congrats to "Moondance"!!! Maybe "Don Quixote" can find your floating tomatoes... sounds like they could use them. ;)