Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 10 - Trade Winds, are you sure?

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 08-46.83N; LONGITUDE: 124-06.47W
COURSE: 245T; SPEED: 4.2
DISTANCE TO GO: 1357m - to the Marquesas!
24 HOUR RUN: 125m

Moondance and crew are doing just fine, but we are wondering where those constant Trade Winds are hiding? Not where we are for sure! We have been making forward progress towards the Equator, but it has been slow. Do I have to ask everyone to send us another Norther? I am sure you are all tired of them, but we sure like the wind they send our way!

Doug and Brian brought in a couple more Yellow Fin Tuna's this afternoon, another double catch, so we know what's for dinner! They aren't as big as the last ones, but they sure look good. A dolphin followed the tuna right up to our boat. Not sure if he was just checking things out or was going for an easy meal. Too bad - we beat him too it!

Our boat systems and equipment are all working well - except for the evil spinnaker. We turn the generator on every 3 or 4 days to charge our batteries, plus make water. The water tastes wonderful! Doug has had to make a few repairs along the way, but nothing major - thank goodness. We found that our Jib (sail) has a few seams in the Sunbrella that need re-stitched, but we will wait until we get to the Marquesas for that. So, things are holding up just fine - thanks to Doug!

We still have lots of fresh food on board, but are running out of some things - we are sure going to miss those wonderful mangos! We have plenty of tomatoes though and they are all ripening up at the same time. So, we can either have food fights or make some spaghetti or soup. I am betting we skip the food fight - Moondance is funky enough!

Please send us some wind!

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Anonymous said...

Here comes some of our endless texas wind your way hope its not too big of a puff Love MOm