Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let the Good Times Roll!

Now that the cyclone season is officially over, it is time for some fun!

Plus, it is time to help Fiji rebuild.  So, we have been doing both.
Angry Bird?  No way!

Sea Mercy has been receiving tons of good stuff from New Zealand (and other parts of the world).

All to be distributed to the Fijian villages that were hit hardest by Cyclone Winston.
Everyone helping

We have helped in the Sea Mercy warehouse, unpacking, packing, sorting and piling.

So much wonderful (and interesting) stuff.
Happy with his lollipop

Can't help thinking of all of the families that cleaned out their closets to help. Pretty amazing.
Good stuff for the villages

We were part of the delivery crew that took two vehicles full of supplies (building material, food, clothing, etc.) up to the northern region of Ra.

There are three villages that are only accessible by boat, so we rendezvoused with their long boats and made the transfer.

What Big Smiles we received!

Nice to be moving again
Along the 7+ hour trip, we saw lots of damage, but also saw lots of rebuilding.  Fiji is making a comeback.

Then out to Musket Cove for some Island Time - so happy we did!
Perfect bottom scrubbing weather
A world of difference between Malolo Island and mainland Fiji.

Love that beautiful white sand and crystal blue water.

We have missed it!
Lunch date at the Funky Fish

Plus, we got to visit with old friends, walk around our favorite places, play in the water (scrub the bottom), and so much more.

Beautiful Musket Cove...
As always, just wish we could have stayed longer. Next time!
Loving my Michelada

Our plans this cruising season are to head to the northern islands of Fiji and explore some remote areas.  Like:

Taveuni, Rabi Island, Budd Reef, and more fantastic places.

Now, we are busy getting Moondance ready to go sailing again - yeah!