Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wrapping things up...

I know, we don't look stressed, but we got lots going on!  Besides working on boat projects and provisioning, we are saying lots of Goodbyes.
Taking a break in Bucerias
Most of the Pacific Puddle Jump fleet has left us behind, including our good friends on Evergreen.

Saying Goodbye to Evergreen..

Based on their radio transmission tonight, they are doing just fine.

We are looking forward to seeing them again in French Polynesia!

Doug Scott - PPJ Net Controller

It has been very interesting listening to all of the Puddle Jumpers checking in each night.

All boats are reporting in as A-OK and 3 boats have all ready made to the Marquesas. Amazing!

High Wire Act

We had a few "unplanned" projects like pieces of our jib furler breaking off.

Doug is amazing though - he was able to fix it, plus do some general maintenance while he was hanging around up there.

My job - don't let him fall.  No stress there!

San Pancho Beach

We splurged and rented a car for our final provisioning runs.

A luxury, but so much easier than bus rides and paying for cabs. One Costco run fills the whole car - oh my!

San Pancho colors

So, we decided to play tourists for a day and drove up to San Pancho (or San Francisco). Two names; no idea why!

A beautiful surfing town off the beaten path. We thoroughly enjoyed wandering around.

Our crew, Brian, arrives Monday.  After that, once our weather window arrives, we are out of here.  What an adventure!

PS:  Sounds like the Puddle Jumpers are catching tuna out there - hope we get that lucky - yum!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So excited for you! Glad to know you have crew too - long way to go... Enjoy it all :)

Sarah and Darrell said...

Yeah! You are just about ready to JUMP! So glad you got to Bucerias and San Pancho before you take off. Looking forward to MORE of Following Moondance. Sarah and Darrell and Sparkster

Dennis and Tracey Corraini said...

Wishing you three the best as you cast off on Monday!!! May good things follow you the whole way...BC Cheers from Canada

Take care Brian