Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 8 - Special treats

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 11-39.24N; LONGITUDE: 122-23.56W
COURSE: 188T; SPEED: 6.1kn
DISTANCE TO GO: 1596m - to the Marquesas!
24 HOUR RUN: 136m

Moondance and Crew are doing just fine. Amazing what a good nights sleep and some sunshine will do for you! We finally found the wind we were looking for last night: 20 - 25 knots and a smooth ride. We all took advantage and slept like babes while off watch.

Today, we are in position and sailing due south towards the Equator. Oops - we aren't 400 miles from the Equator as reported yesterday - we are 700! But we had another nice sunny day and great sailing. So this is why everyone loves the Trade Winds!

We haven't seen a boat for days. We constantly monitor our radar, but know that we are alone - very alone. Our only other companions are birds and dolphins and the occasional squid or flying fish that land on our deck. A flying fish actually jumped into the cockpit and tried to snuggle with Brian the other day. He handled it very well - I would have had a heart attack!

We splurged and had a huge feast for supper today: pork tenderloin (Lorenzo style), baked potato, brussell sprouts, and homemade Sourdough French bread. It all turned out very well - especially considering I accidentally dumped the tenderloin and got it stuck in the back of the oven. Doug had to save the tenderloin and me! Sometimes it feels like the Lucille Ball show when I am in the galley/kitchen. Due to the wind and wave conditions, we haven't been able to BBQ. I miss the BBQ and I miss Doug doing all of the cooking. Oh well - I will get the hang of it - and so far, no one is complaining!

Another treat today - Hot Showers and the Moondance crew lined up for them. When Doug charges the batteries using the generator, it makes lots of hot water. It felt so good and we all smell and feel so much better. Doug even put clean sheets on our bed. Now, that is living right.

Based on the weather reports, our good sailing weather should be continuing, so another great sleep ahead for all. Yeah!

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Powder said...

Wow, that sure sounds like fun. Its cool watching you guys' progress cruising out into the wide open Pacific. You are starting to inspire me--now if only I dodnt get seasick! LOL

dianimal said...

I love your updates! And I especially love checking out where you are. Love it!