Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 18 - Got wind - lots f wind!

Moondance stats:

LATITUDE: 01-29.17S; LONGITUDE: 131-20.76W
COURSE: 231T; SPEED: 5.3
24 HOUR RUN: 115m

Moondance crew is doing well. Right after our post yesterday, the wind kicked up and we have been sailing since. Of course, now we have lots of wind, plus throw in some big clouds and some scattered rain showers. That's what our day looks like - dodging rain clouds. So far, we have been successful - hope it continues!

So, Easter dinner just might be sandwiches and not the beautiful pork tenderloin I have marinating. Oh well, it will keep. And, I was wrong, I was talked into making SPAM and Mac-n-Cheese for dinner last night. My review: Not Bad!

Funnies - Doug and I were sitting in the cockpit last night and something caught my eye as it fell to the cockpit floor. It was fluttering, so I asked Doug to pick it up. He reached down, grabbed it, and squealed - just like a girl! All over a little ol' flying fish. Doug quickly got it back in the water. It was pretty darn funny!

Well, better get back to Storm Watch with Doug and Brian.

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