Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 17 - Still motoring along!

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 01-28.61S; LONGITUDE: 131-20.08W
COURSE: 230T; SPEED: 5.4
24 HOUR RUN: 117m

Everyone is just fine on board Moondance. A little tired, but just fine. We have been motoring for over 24 hours and there just isn't any wind yet, but there are lots of rolly waves with a very unique rhythm. I actually woke up clutching the mattress just so I could stay in one spot - oh my! So none of us slept well last night. But, that's okay - we got lots of time to nap today because there isn't much happening around here!

We are still hoping that the winds kick up soon so that we can turn the engine off. We know we do not carry enough fuel to get us to Nuku Hiva - we have to sail. We need to reserve our fuel for entering the harbor, running the generator, making water, etc.. So if wind doesn't blow soon, we will be bobbing around like a cork - doesn't that sound like fun (not)!

All are anxious to make landfall, but the crew seems to be handling life at sea. We definitely have more room now that we have eaten and drank our way through some of our provisions. Moondance almost looks normal again - well if you don't count the 8 rolls of paper towels and 36 rolls of toilet paper on the settee/couch. Every home should have it so handy! We still have lots of fresh fruit and some veggies left, plus tons of canned stuff. Doug and Brian swear that SPAM is an excellent staple - I am not sure I will ever get that desperate.

Doug is all ready working on our repair list that we will work on in Nuku Hiva like...

- running a new halyard for the spinnaker
- repairing some minor tears on the jib/head sail
- re-attaching the vang (which controls the boom)

Not too bad considering how many miles we have put on this rig this year!

Of course, we are definitely going to have some much deserved R&R before any work starts. Nuku Hiva has 5 stores, 2 banks, a post office, an Inn, and a bar (yeah!). I think we are going to have to check them all out! Plus, there are supposed to be some wonderful hikes and waterfalls. Hope we are there long enough to explore and get our land legs back!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis and Slug,
Sitting here with Mom and Dad on Easter and we have enough wind to send to you, no charge. Glad you are ok, thinking about you as we were drinking a cold beer last night. Ryan got an academic scholarship to UT Dallas, can you believe that? Kid finally started using his noggin. Happy Easter to all aboard the Moondance. We think of you often and miss you even move. Love Becky, Dave, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Yes we are anonymous!!!!! Ha