Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 4 - Still flying wing-n-wing

Moondance Stats:

LATITUDE: 16-38.37N; LONGITUDE: 115-34.92W
COURSE: 234T; SPEED: 7.2kn
24 HOUR RUN: 143nm

All is well on board and we having been zipping along for sure! We have been running wing-n-wing for over 24 hours and making excellent time. Our average speed was almost 6 knots, but our top speed was 13 knots - oh my. Unfortunately, the seas have been a little too big for our taste and erratic. Doug was watching some 12 footers roll by, which makes the ride a little uncomfortable. But Moondance is handling it all well and we are safe. We just hope things settle down before nightfall so that get a good sleep.

Our weather is cold and cloudy still. Last night, it was so dark, you couldn't separate the water from the sky. Brian thinks we have kidnapped him - he signed up for the tropical cruise - not the penguin cruise. Me too!

Doug and Brian are working well together, plus having some fun. Yesterday, they re-rigged our whisker pole to use separate lines (guys) instead of the jib sheets. This allows us to bring the jib down easily if we hit a storm, plus add some stability/strength to the rig. Brian got an excellent workout as our Grinder! Safety first though - they are tethered to the boat at all times when out of the cockpit.

Pressure cookers - never have liked them! I still remember my Grandma's horror stories. But, Doug convinced me to use it to make Red Beans and Rice with Andouille Sausage today. We didn't blow up, but the dumb pressure cooker burned our supper. Oh well, the corn muffins were tasty!

Wing-n-wing: one sail (our main) flying on the port side of the boat; one sail (our jib) flying on the starboard side. It is an excellent way to sail when the wind is behind you.

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comitan said...

Looks like you made good distance, don't forget its a big Ocean and theres a lot of big stuff out there, you will not ever get used to it.
Be safe.