Sunday, March 16, 2014

Texas - it really is like a whole other country!

I am not making it up - that's the line from the TravelTex page.  Too funny!
Whoa - the Alamo

We have been traveling thru Texas for the last two weeks.

Just too weird!
Our goal, to see as many family and friends as possible.

We did our best, plus got to see some of Texas highlights!
Checking out the Buddy Holly museum

Our stops:  Lubbock, Austin (twice), San Antonio, Houston, Plano, Granbury and a couple of trips to Oklahoma.

It's a lot of ground to cover!

But, it was worth it. We loved seeing everyone!
The Capital of Texas - Austin

Like the rest of the southwest, Texas has been in a drought for years.

But, we just happen to catch it when a snow storm flew thru.
San Antonio's Riverwalk

First place we have run into snow since leaving Oregon!

Hanging with the Carson's

San Antonio - Bill and Barb - lots of laughs - always!
We are going to be in Texas for 2 more weeks, then back to Fiji we go.

We have been missing ol' Moondance... 

But, our friends in Fiji have been keeping a good eye on her - she is doing just fine without us.

Enjoy all of the wonderful photos of our family and friends below.  So grateful to spend time with all of them!
Besties - Fern and Brian

Wonderful evening with David, Beth, and the family

Beautiful Katy and sweet Levi

Aunt Wanda and Cousins - what a treat!

Hanging with the Warren Family - so fun!