Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Made it to Hawaii!

We are safely moored at the Honokohau Marina - of course it is the transient fuel dock, but we are happy to be here! Water is supplied, but no electricity, plus the bathrooms (no showers) are a very long way down the road. Oh well - we will be just fine here until they find us a slip in the Inner Harbor - hopefully next week.

Everyone has been so friendly. New friends Ralph and Glenda on s/v Our Country Home met us at the dock. Thank goodness - we needed lots of help. This med-mooring thing is very tricky! Plus, they arranged for Customs to be here and clear us back in the States. Customs took a lot of our good food - like our bacon, sausages, grapefruit, potatoes, etc. They did leave our zucchini and flank steak, so we won't starve!

Ralph and Glenda also took us to the Harbormaster and helped us get us checked in and then drove us to town - Kailua-Kona. We enjoyed wandering around and shopping, plus found a good hamburger/beer joint - Quinns Almost by the Sea - our kind of place. We actually got to watch some sports on TV - we didn't care what they were showing, we were watching it. TV Tubbies!

It's official, we are back in the States - we now have cell phones and are connected. Next step, internet. Too strange!

Our trip from French Poly to Hawaii - just a little shy of 17 days. We will write up a summary once we get our energy back.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - we will be thinking of you all as we devour our Turkey Day goodies!

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Pascale s/v Calou said...

Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!
We were at the same slip for a month and use a big piece of plywood to make a bridge from our boat to the dock with ropes as railing to hold on to. We went to Quinn's too. If you rent a car, it's much easier to get around. As you could see, it's a long way to town and grocery stores.
Take the Saddle road to go see Hilo and visit the volcano and come back through the South Point, very scenic. Enjoy!

Bill & Barb said...

So happy that you made it! Just wonder what those customs folks are going to do with all your food; guess they will have a great Thanksgiving feast. Hope you do the same! Love, B & B

Heather on Meerkat said...

Congrats on your crossing and welcome back to the US! xoxo

Cara said...

So glad you made it safely...Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Powell Erickson said...

My Heroes! So happy for you both, such pros you are now! I will finally be giving you HUGS to Ana by Christmas! Much Love to you both, Sarah, Darrell, and the Spark of Life!

Jeremy said...

BOOYAH BOOYAH BOOYAH! Let us know when you get to Maui because we loved it and hope you will too. Get ya'll some Imperial Coconut Porter from Maui Brewing Co. It's the bomb-diggety yo. :)

"My Blessings" said...

Welcome Home! Enjoyed the entries that led up to your are definitely adventurous! Loved the "funny" about poor Doug...good thing you weren't in that position Carla!

"My Blessings" said...

My baby girl picked Hawaii as her state to study last week - she does 1-2 a week! We learned that the Hawaiin alphabet has only 12 letters and state bird is the Nene! Both kids have been excited about those 2 unique facts for some reason?