Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 2 - Stomy Monday

Moondance Stats:
LATITUDE: 10-32.74S; LONGITUDE: 147-36.98W
COURSE: 004T; SPEED: 5.1
DISTANCE TO KONA OR HILO, HAWAII: 1855m (approximate)
24 HOUR RUN: 139m

And all is well on board.

Stormy Monday - that it was! We had a lots of squalls pass by us over the last 24 hours. Two that dropped a lot of rain; one had big winds (30 - 35), but the rest just spit at us and kicked up some winds. We are always prepared though - just in case. We are 400 miles west of the Marquesa Islands, so we think they are generated a lot of the squall activity, but could be wrong. The seas were a little confused too, so we didn't get lots of sleep, but managed okay.

Today, is a beautiful sunny day with good winds and moderate seas. So we have had a busy day napping and relaxing - hah! Hope the good weather pattern holds for a long time...

We were surprised this morning to see a small freighter off our port beam - fairly close. Doug called them and they adjusted their course and even called us back. Very neighborly of them. We don't think we will see many boats between here and Hawaii until we get close to making landfall.

So far, Moondance is performing well and we haven't had any issues - that is good news. Crew is doing well too and had only a few issues - Doug bonked his head hard on a port; I smashed my pinky in a door. Nothing major though!

Sorry to say - no fish have been caught... We will keep trying.

The good news - the generator is running so we will have hot water for showers. Can't beat that with a stick!

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Anonymous said...

Doug whats up? Haven`t you learned yet where the low spots are aboard the ship? Gotta keep your eyes opened and your head down! Sis keep your fingers out of the doors and closets we are having 40-50 degree temps this morning would love to trade places and help you keep things anchored down keep up the good work and stay safe Love Mom