Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 10: Poof!

Moondance stats:
LATITUDE: 06-51.64N; LONGITUDE: 148-17.33W
COURSE: 004T; SPEED: 6.0
24 HOUR RUN: 128m

Dropped a few sails, flipped a switch, and Poof - we are now a stink pot, but we are making much better time! Not that we like being a stink pot, but sometimes you just have to give in (see below for Excuse List). We will probably motor for 2 days, which will take us through the ITCZ. We don't carry enough fuel to get us all the way to Hawaii, so once we hit 10 degrees North, the northern trade winds should take us the rest of the way - yeah!

Excuse List: Meet our best buddies Joe and Leah from Albuquerque, Thanksgiving feast, NFL football, winds are too light, currents pushing us towards Mexico, only enough Coke Zero and Hinano beers to last 6-7 more days, excited about being on land, better to clear Customs on Wednesday so we don't have to pay overtime for the holiday, there was a mutiny afoot, and lots more.

As you can see, it was an easy decision to become a stink pot. Captain and Crew are very happy!

PS: Finished Harry Potter 1 and 2 - only 5 more to go (I think)...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can add another excuse to your list the laundry is stacking up causing a list to the starboard side and Pops said if you run close to being out of beer its time to abandon ship Love Mom