Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 14: Are we there yet?

Moondance stats:
LATITUDE: 15-11.27N; LONGITUDE: 151-59.28W
COURSE: 315T; SPEED: 6.1
24 HOUR RUN: 153m

I know, I should quit whining, but we are ready to be there - especially after the last 24 hours! Last night at sunset, the winds kicked up between 20 - 34 knots and stayed that way till sunrise, plus add some big waves and some light rain showers. We thought things would improve, instead they got worse. 30 - 35 knots of wind gusting to 40+, and don't forget the bigger waves - oh my. We were hoping all this was being generated by a passing storm, but we think it might just be kicked up trade winds and will be with us for a few days. Oh well - we have a double-reefed main with just our staysail out and we are still making 6+ knots and are semi-comfortable. The winds and seas have calmed quit a bit, so we will be just fine.

As it looks now, we should be in Kona on Wednesday morning very early - yeah! We are fortunate to have some wonderful cruising buddies that are all ready sending us information on Hawaii:
- Shawn and Chris (s/v Tao) have sent us information on getting around Hawaii and the amenities at the Honokohau marina. We are happy to hear that there is a restaurant/bar close by!
- Ralph and Glenda - whom we haven't met yet (s/v Our Country Home) have sent us lots of information on Hawaii and the marina, plus is helping us with clearing Customs. We have also been invited to a cruisers Thanksgiving potluck. Can't beat that.
- Behan (s/v Totem) has family living on the Big Island and has sent us lots of info on touring the island and where to eat - like the locals.

Thanks everyone - we all ready feel welcome and can't wait to experience Hawaii for ourselves. We just need to get there and get started!

A funny: During our period of high winds this morning, Doug needed to pee. Not wanting to leave his station, he kneeled and pee'd in the cockpit scuppers (drains). Foul weather gear is definitely not user friendly, but it was very entertaining to watch. We both had a good laugh while the winds and waves were rocking us about!

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Ness, Eric and Gavin said...

I would have barfed for sure. Thank gosh you two have stomachs of steel. We are reading all the updates and appreciate you keeping us posted-get to Hawaii already!

Anonymous said...

Hawaii here we come make ready the good times Carla and Doug are back in town! I can almost see the two of you in a beach front bar watching what ever on the tv and rubbing elbows with the locals hurry and get there and start enjoying your long voyage home Love Mom