Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 6 - Caution: items may have shifted

Moondance stats:
LATITUDE: 01-26.12S; LONGITUDE: 148-56.87W
COURSE: 001T; SPEED: 5.0
24 HOUR RUN: 128m

That's an understatement for sure. With the confused seas that we have had, plus heeling on a starboard tack, opening our food lockers can be dangerous! There are things just waiting to jump out at you. We have learned to open the lockers slowly and peek in. If you are lucky, the item you are looking for is easy to grab, but that doesn't happen often. Oh well, it keeps us on our toes.

The last two days have been beautiful sailing - light to medium winds during the day with plenty of sunshine. At night, the winds are averaging 20 mph and gusting to 30+. So, we make sure we trim the sails accordingly before night falls and try to make up some time. Just like we requested, the winds changed from the ENE to ESE so that we can head due north. The seas swells have changed from confused to only slightly confused, so much more comfortable. Our complaint - it is getting cold at night. We might even have to get our blankets out tonight!

Early Sunday morning we should cross the Equator and enter the Northern Hemisphere. We have promised Neptune a grog of rum and, based on the good weather we are seeing, he seems to be happy with it. We just won't tell him he isn't getting the good stuff!

Things are definitely improving on Moondance daily. Last night Doug made chicken simmered in pasilla pepper sauce; tonight Cajun meat loaf with mashed potatoes - can't wait. Plus, today was a "shower day" and we are feeling (and smelling) so much better.

All is well on board!

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Sarah Powell Erickson said...

It's the simple pleasures that count. Warm food and a bath! Yahooo! S

Anonymous said...

Oh happy days are here again much relieved about the sailing conditions you have time to catch your breath and enjoy a home cooked dinner way to go Doug! Take care and be safe Mom