Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 8 - Hard to believe...

Moondance Stats:
LATITUDE: 02-38.45N; LONGITUDE: 148-59.31W
COURSE: 002T; SPEED: 4.7
24 HOUR RUN: 120m (not good)

We have been sailing for over a week and we aren't there yet - we aren't even at the half way point. Almost though - we should be on the downhill slope tomorrow - yeah! But, we are both doing well and enjoying the adventure, plus still like each other - amazing. Our fresh food supplies are limited, but we have lots of canned goods (can you say Yum?), plus we still have Coke Zero and our daily rations of beer. Who could ask for more?

There is a big weather system that is surrounding us now - so we go between beautiful sunshine to complete cloud cover - quickly. Also, the winds are erratic - ranging from 8 - 25 knots. We prefer the 25 knots so that we can cover some ground, plus practice our sailing skills. Our storm preparedness routines are becoming finely tuned. So far, Doug has only got soaked once today. I (the smart one) know how to duck out of the rain when necessary!

We are hearing nasty rumors that there are big storms up north that will be affecting our trip. A favor? Please keep your storms to yourself for a little while longer. We don't want to make this too big of adventure. But, we are also hoping the the weather isn't too rough on you either.

Just want everyone to be happy and safe!

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Anonymous said...

Pops wants Doug to know the steelers beat the Bengals last week thought this would cheer him up sorry the weather is still giving your grief it has to be the storm surrounding Alaska worse in a very long time can you pull over and park until it passes? Be safe and stay dry Love Mom

Heather on Meerkat said...

Ok - holding all the crap weather for you.