Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 4 - Moonlight ride

Moondance Stats:
LATITUDE: 05-50.92S; LONGITUDE: 148-11.45W
COURSE: 349T; SPEED: 6.0
24 HOUR RUN: 155m

All is well on board.

The "almost" full moon was beautiful last night, wasn't it? I was on watch and about 12:30 the winds kicked up to 25 - 30 mph (our average has been 15 - 20 mph). I hollered for Doug to come and join me - just in case the winds kept escalating. They didn't. Instead we enjoyed a 2 hour moonlight ride cruising between 7 - 8 knots. The seas even cooperated. That really doesn't happen very often in the cruising world!

Plus, we both got caught up on our sleep - yeah! Our sleeping arrangements have been interesting. Besides not sleeping together, we are sleeping at the opposite end of the bed because of the starboard tack. We have also squeezed ourselves into the bottom of the bunk pushed up against the bulkhead - just so we don't slide around too much. It sure is hard to keep the sheets on the bed - that is Doug's job!

We are enjoying a nice, sunny sail today. The ENE winds are pushing us off course a little, but it sure has smoothed out our ride. We are hoping that the ESE winds will return soon so that we can get back on course for crossing the Equator. We think that will happen on Saturday - we shall see.

Miss you all!

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Anonymous said...

yeah for calmer waters and soft gentle breezes and better sleep! We are with you in the spirit and want you to be safe Love Mom