Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 9 - Problem on the foredeck!

Moondance stats:
LATITUDE: 04-48.50N; LONGITUDE: 148-40.89W
COURSE: 015T; SPEED: 5.8
24 HOUR RUN: 134m

That was Doug hollering at me to come and help. He had noticed that the shackle had come off the tack of the head sail - not good! Doug gathered up his gear and slowly crawled to the bow of the boat and quickly made repairs. Doug is very safety conscious so made sure he was tethered to the boat at all times. But it is still spooky - especially since we are getting some pretty big rollers this afternoon. But, repairs have been made and Doug is back in the cockpit waiting for his well-deserved beer.

We have had an excellent sail for the last 20+ hours. The wind has been 18 - 25 knots and the seas fairly flat (until now). We are caught in the Equatorial currents (big currents), so we aren't making as good as time as we had hoped. That is supposed to change soon. We are expecting a big push - hope so!

Finally - we have passed the 1/2 way mark to Hawaii - yahoo! We are almost to the ITCZ, which will complete the 2nd leg of our journey. The 3rd leg is through the ITCZ, which is about 120 miles. The 4th and final leg is from the ITCZ to Kona, Hawaii - about 700 miles.

We still don't know where we are going to "park" Moondance once we make landfall, but are working on that. We have all ready been in contact with marinas and other cruisers to determine our options. It is kind of strange, Hawaii doesn't have a lot of options for cruisers - go figure!

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Anonymous said...

Wished I was more familiar with the boat lingo but still realize that it sounded very serious what ever that thing was,better tie some extra knots in Doug`s safety line I need him to help with being a Santa be safe stay dry and couldn`t you have given him more than 1 lousy beer?Love Mom