Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 5 - Pooped!

Moondance Stats:
LATITUDE: 03-28.66S; LONGITUDE: 148-47.31W
COURSE: 343T; SPEED: 5.1
24 HOUR RUN: 146m

Not pooped - pooped on! At least I think that's what the sailors call it when waves crash over your boat and soak you. We have been getting pooped a bunch on this trip. You know it is coming when you hear a big "whack" against the hull, you turn your head, your eyes get big, you duck --- too late. You got pooped! Oh well, we dry quickly and are also learning to spend more time on the port side of the cockpit - the dry side!

All is well on board. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing 18 - 26 knots, and the sea is still confused. Oh well - can't have it all. We are comfortable and about ready to celebrate with a cold Beck's beer!

On my 3am watch last night, a big school of fish were swimming around us (looked like tuna). I finally figured out that they were chasing some small fish - must have been a big school of them. One of the small fish actually jumped up right in front of me - close enough to make me jump and scream. Could have been a piranha you know - hah! Unfortunately, none of the big fish jumped on our lure.

Found a leak in the toilet paper locker this morning. That's not good. It is 1589 miles to the nearest grocery store! Hopefully, the roles will dry out and still be useable.

We are thinking of the Vets and their families today. Doug's Dad, Jay, was a SeaBee (sp) stationed at Papua New Guinea in WWII. Miss you Jay. My Dad, was in the Navy on a destroyer in the Korean War. Love you Pops!

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Anonymous said...

sorry about the wet conditions are there any sears and roebuck catalogs aboard? Thats what was used in the out houses in the good ole days Why arent the fish taking the bait what are you having for dinner if the fish arent biting what happens if you get a big one do you cut it lose? Sweet of you to remember veterans day Dad said to tell you thanks be safe Love Mom