Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 13: Good sailing!

Moondance stats:
LATITUDE: 13-15.97N; LONGITUDE: 150-18.43W
COURSE: 318T; SPEED: 6.8
24 HOUR RUN: 146m

And it has been for the last 24 hours - yeah! The wind has been fairly constant between 20 - 25 knots. The seas are still a little confused, but much improved. Doug and I both got a really good sleep and are rested today. We have been making good time too - even with a double reefed main and a furled mainsail. Hope these conditions last all the way to Hawaii!

As we get closer to Hawaii, we have been thinking about all of the things we are going to do. First, take a break. We are thinking of renting a car and doing some exploring, plus we need to do a huge amount of stinky laundry, grocery shopping, checking out the marine stores, etc. But, we are also thinking of things we haven't had to do for a very long time - like buy cell phones. It will be so strange to be connected again, but so nice just to be able to pick up the phone and call someone. What a treat!

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, pizza for dinner, and sourdough bread baking in the oven. Things are definitely looking up on Moondance and the crew is in high spirits!

PS: We have been fishing since Day 1 - no luck! We don't think there are any fish out here - except the ones committing suicide and landing on our boat as we sail by.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Days are here again and the crew is feeling good thank goodness the trip is almost over and lots of good things to do when you get settled can`t believe there hasn`t been any fish since you started out where are they? Stay safe and dry Love Mom