Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 11: Wet and wetter!

Moondance Stats:
LATITUDE: 09-02.94N; LONGITUDE: 148-19.46W
COURSE: 001T; SPEED: 5.4
24 HOUR RUN: 135m

Well, we definitely know we are in the ITCZ - it has been stormy and raining buckets. Fortunately, no thunder and lightening - sailboats don't like lightening. Moondance (and crew) have received several fresh water rinses - good thing it is warm water!

We are still running our stink pot (engine). We keep trying to turn it off and raise the sails, but then the wind dies. Plus, the current is still an issue - we aren't making as good as time as we should be.

Only 56 miles to go before we reach 10 degrees north. By then, we should be out of the ITCZ and able to start on our last leg to Hawaii - approximately 700 miles - yeah! From what we hear, it sounds like it should be a good, fast sail. Hope so!

Starting to think about mai tai's...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wish you had a rain barrel to catch some of that water sure is nice to shower or bath in and rinse your hair! Hope the sailing gets smoother and the engine won`t have to run to keep you on course Just think those luau`s are just over the horizon and you can park and take it easy for a long time soaking up the local scenery and buying trinkets plus enjoying the drinks be safe Love Mom