Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yes it is Friday; Yes we are still in Hawaii!

We were supposed to leave the marina today, anchor out and wait for a weather window, and then start our slow journey south.

Doug on the flying trapeze
But... the rigger we have been waiting for is going to be here tomorrow (finally).  We decided it was worth delaying our departure date.  We would be ready to leave on Sunday.

Well, there is a big 6' swell coming up from the south.  We decided to wait a couple more days - no reason to beat ourselves up. 

Then, I got sick - sinus infection.  I need to be 100% for our crossing so heading to the Doc for some drugs.

We are now looking at Thursday... Cross your fingers!

When we finally head south, our first stop will be Fanning Island (Tabuaeran)  - about 10 days sailing for us.

Cleaning the rigging
We have heard that the supply ships don't have much in stock once they reach Fanning.

So, our dock buddies have donated a bunch of goodies for us to deliver:  food, toys, movies, clothes, shoes, pretties, and even a pair of crutches.

Cruisers are wonderful about sharing whatever they have!

Next, we plan on visiting Suwarrow, in the Cook Islands.  A cruisers favorite.

But, we might get sidetracked and stop at Penrhyn Island first.  Some fellow cruisers just sailed through there and said it was one of their favorites.  We shall see how the wind blows.

Next Samoa's and Tonga.  Our final destination is Fiji - sometime in August or September. Bula! 
Filling up the liquor jugs

Things have been a bit of a blur - too many boat projects.  But, we are getting close:
  • Rigging cleaned and tuned by Doug
  • Dock boxes cleaned out and stuff stowed
  • Boat cleaned - at least on the outside
  • Provisioning almost done
  • Got our Zarpe (exit out of the US)
  • And more...
We still need to do some more stashing - Moondance is full.  We don't anticipate finding a grocery store until the Samao's, so we are provisioning for 3 months.  That's a lot of stuff!
Beautiful Ko Olina
Plus, we are trying to balance the weight load so that we can sail out of here.  Not an easy job.
Delphinia starting their journey

There is also a lot of "goodbye's" happening - lots of our friends leaving the marina.

Steve and Debbie on Delphinia just left today.  They are sailing to California and then onto Mexico - their first big journey.  We wish them fair winds and following seas!

Lots going on and we are pooped and stressed, but still managing to have some fun and enjoy our last days here.

Good thing Doug and I work well together or we would have killed each other - just kidding.

We will keep you posted!


Ana said...

It all sounds so wonderful, enjoy it all, every minute of it!

Mel said...

Do I need to tell Ryan to cut your lines loose? Just kidding! Take your time and get over that sinus infection. Love you!

Jackie Smith said...

Good health and smooth sailing. . .we'll be watching for more reports!

"My Blessings" said...

Happy Sailing and safe the "jug!" (love the provisions!)