Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 8 - Safely anchored in English Harbor, Fanning Island, Kiribati

And it is a beautiful place! We are tucked inside the big lagoon anchored next to the village of Paelau and we only have to share our view with one other boat. Very peaceful and what a sunset...

Customs met us at the boat right after we dropped our anchor and checked us in - no more quarantine flag for us. It was an interesting crowd and we made sure that they all got some chocolate.

Doug is cooking dinner - grilled flat iron steak and brussells. We haven't had a real home cooked meal for awhile, so this is going to be a treat - plus some wine - yeah!

We are both pretty zonked (no nap today) and looking forward to both of us being back in our bed at the same time and not have to get up for our 3-hour watches. Plus, we won't be rocking and rolling. We are going to sleep great.

I will write more once we get rested - summarize our trip, plus share some details about Fanning Island. And, one of these days, post some pictures!

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Bruce on Calou said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing some photos.

Ana said...

It all sounds wonderful! So glad you arrived safe and sound. The tired and hungry could won't take long to fix! Love you guys, Enjoy