Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Evergreen is here - yeah!

Our boat buddies on Evergreen sailed into Fanning on Monday (Tuesday Fanning time). We were so excited to see them and so happy to be cruising with them again. It is going to be fun. Of course, we aren't sure where or when we are going next, but know that we will come up with a plan!

We have been busy - my chores have been mostly cleaning and organizing, plus 5 big coolers full of laundry. That only took 5 days and I am sure the locals that go by are tired of seeing our underwear on the line!

Doug has been a busy guy tracking down and fixing leaks, replacing our flooded outdoor speaker (picture a big splash), working on the dinghy engine (spark plugs), and more fun stuff. Plus, he spent a couple days working on the generator. Its was running hotter than usual. Turned out that cleaning the heat exchanger with vinegar was the trick. Sure glad I married a smart guy!

Doug's next project (unplanned) is to borrow Evergreen's sewing machine and start sewing up our jib. The jib was just repaired 6 months ago by Art Nelson's in Hawaii. So far, he has counted 6 seams along the leach that are coming unstiched. We are very unhappy with Art Nelson's work - to say the least. Good thing Carol's got a good sewing machine!

It sounds like we are working all the time - we aren't. We have been enjoying life in Fanning and getting back into cruising - picture us lounging in the cockpit with a book in one hand and a beer (or two) in the other. It has been very nice.

Plus, we have really appreciated the drive-up fresh fish delivery. Fred and Mike (from Hawaii) have been sharing their bounty. My favorite so far - the yummy red snapper.

Tonight, dinner and trash burning party at Bruno's and Tabata's guest house. Should be lots of fun and some local food.

Wish you were here with us!

PS: Latest update - Carol has agreed to sew our jib. She is an excellent seamstress and we are very happy that she is going to tackle it. Thanks, Carol!

PSPS: I made homemade Ricotta for our lasagna. Didn't even know you could do that - thanks to the Boat Galley cookbook.

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The Crew of Savannah said...

Very cool that you guys met up again! Who meets up in Fanning??? :) Who knows, maybe we'll meet up again as well. Take care. Safe Travels.

Laurie Davies said...

Been following you Carla and Doug! Congratulations on another successful trip to Fanning! Sounds like you are well and having fun! Enjoy!!
Missin you,
Laurie and Roger

Laurie Davies said...

Okay, I thought I just posted a comment but then it doesn't look like it we go..Congratulations on another successful sailing trip! Enjoy you time in Fanning! Always thinking of you and missing you too!
Laurie and Roger