Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 5 - Oahu to Fanning Island

LATITUDE: 10-29.25N
LONGITUDE: 158-40.36W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 146
Miles to Fanning Island: 401 (over half way!)


You can't have two good sailing days in a row - just can't happen.

The sun tried to make an appearance, the wind decided to get feisty, and the waves threw a party and invited all of their friends from all neighborhoods! Moondance and crew were drenched with waves hitting us on all sides - whack - but we all did fine. We took down the jib and put up the staysail (our double reefed main has been permanent). We were flying along with 32 knots of wind with no stars or moon to guide us - it was very dark. Early this morning, the waves corrected and smoothed out our ride - yeah - and we were able to get some rest!

Today we have good wind (mid 20's) and the sun peaks out around the squalls once in a while. That will help us dry out! The Grib files (weather) show that the winds are supposed to be calming down tomorrow. That would be nice. But, until then, we will make some miles.

We are still hoping to be at Fanning Island on Monday. If we miss slack tide, we will anchor out for the night and motor into the lagoon on Tuesday.

Looking forward to seeing this wonderful island that we have heard so much about, plus deliver all of the goodies that our friends and neighbors have donated. That will lighten our load for sure.

Hope our friends and family are doing well - miss you!

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Anonymous said...

Sis, it's a good thing Dave isn't reading this, lions and tigers and bears oh my.