Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 2 - Oahu to Fanning Island

LATITUDE: 17-11.15N
LONGITUDE: 158-33.43W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 116 (slow...)
Miles to Fanning Island: 805

Big Island Day -

I never realized how much the Big Island would affect our trip!

Yesterday, we had hazy voggy skies all day due to the volcanic ash. Which, meant a beautiful hot pink sunset, of course.

The Big Island blocked our wind for awhile. That was kind of nice - it gave us a chance to catch up on some sleep (wished we would have showered too!).

And, the confused/agitated seas and unsettled weather as we left the island behind us - just to make keep us from sleeping.

It is a Big Island, but we are over it!

Now we are just in squally weather. Last night, we reduced our jib a little since the winds were kicking up. Unfortunately, the jib sheet snatch block opened up and our sheet was out of control. We decided to save that for today and put up our staysail instead. So, we didn't make much time last night. Oh well. the jib is back in operation and we are cruising along through squalls and big splashes that go "whack" just before they soak the cockpit.

But, Doug and I are doing well and laughing our way through it - at least afterwards.

Don't you wish you were here. Hah!

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Laurie Davies said...

You are truly on your way now!Take care!

Laurie Davies said...

You are truly on your way now! Take care!

Debbie and Don said...

You're on your way south - Far Out! Hope it's a great passage...we'll be watching from here in Queensland, Australia. Love from us, Debbie and Don s/v Buena Vista