Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 6 - Oahu to Fanning Island

LATITUDE: 08-24.35N
LONGITUDE: 158-47.77W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 130
Miles to Fanning Island: 271 (getting close!)


Yup, that would be the ITCZ. The area where the weather systems from the north and the south converge and they don't get along! We are sailing through it right now and Moondance is soaked inside and out. Plus, throw in some of that lightening. Fortunately, not a lot of that because sailboats don't like lightening around their expensive electronics. But, I did see a glow-in-the-dark bird. I swear!

Yesterday, we Hove To, which allows you to stall the boat at sea. You can work on projects, get some rest, eat a meal, etc. It is a very surreal experience, especially when you been constantly moving for 5 days. Moondance is sitting still while all of the waves are flowing past. It works!

We also got to do some "extreme" sewing yesterday. Our bimini (cockpit cover) all of sudden ripped out one of its seams. Doug attached me to the gallows and held on to me, while I sewed my Frankenstein stitches. Thanks Mom, I can sew!

Lots of squalls yesterday and one big around 5am this morning. I was tucked in bed and Doug fought her for 40 minutes - he was soaked, but still smiling.

Happy Birthday wishes to our Bestie - Carol on s/v Evergreen. Hope you are having a wonderful day and we look forward to celebrating in Fanning with you next week! Love from the crew of Moondance.

PS: I was a little disoriented late last night and got up thinking that we were delivering a boat for Brad and Kaki (Kokua Yachts). Why are we delivering it at midnight, Brad? Cuz you know you want to, Carla. Just exactly what Brad would say! Doug has been having funny dreams too - guess that is part of our weird sleeping schedule.

PSPS: The Milky Way was so big and bright last night. What a spectacular treat!

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