Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 3 - Oahu to Fanning Island

LATITUDE: 15-05.24N
LONGITUDE: 158-35.04W
Miles traveled in 24 hours: 122 (slow...)
Miles to Fanning Island: 683


Well, one jumped in to the cockpit and Doug sat on him and squished him (a horrible/stinky death).

One Doug caught on the handline. A 15lb Skipjack. We decided to hold out for an Ahi, so we gave him back to Neptune. But, it was some excitement - we love catching fish.

Most of yesterday and last night, we were sailing through big black squalls and big waves. The squalls are windy, but no rain, so that helps. So, we chose to leave up our staysail so that we could be comfortable. It worked; we both slept well and are functioning better.

Today, the sun is shining and we haven't seen a squall yet - big waves, but no squall. So, we put out our jib (reduced) and are making much better time, plus it smoothed out our ride.

Ed & Karen - did you see the moon and the planets that form the triangle? It was so crystal clear and beautiful - thought of you two. I will try and get a picture tonight!

My current social network: Flying fish, birds (boobies, terns, and seagulls), and Doug. Miss my Peeps!

Hope everyone are doing well!

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Anonymous said...

I remember we had big waves on the approach to the Big Island!
Pray that you're going catch fish!
The Powell's s/v Calou