Friday, June 7, 2013

We are on the move again - finally!

After 18 months, we are finally ready to start sailing again. We leave the marina today and go anchor out. Saturday, we will sail away to Fanning Island, Kiribati. About 8 days due south. We are hoping for a good sail!
Beautiful Ko Olina - Place of Joy
Ko Olina has been a beautiful place to live and we have met some amazing people, but it is time to start our next adventure.

Our R&R Yacht Club buddies are like family and we know that we will see them again somewhere.  Looking forward to it!
R&R Yacht Club - going to miss you!
Moondance (and Captain Doug) got an "A" rating from the rigger, John Koon - Tradewind Marine Services. He was very thorough and efficient and we highly recommend him.

John pronounced Moondance ready to sail. Yeah! Plus, he shared some great tips, which Doug has already implemented.
Captain Doug is ready

We motored out this week and calibrated some equipment (spun circles) and topped off the fuel tanks. It felt good to be back on the water.

All lists have been completed and all Moondance's lockers are over stuffed. Food and spare parts are stuck in some unusual spots - good thing we keep a list.

Our bunk will be shared with some of the "extra" stuff that just couldn't find a home. Good thing we got a big bunk. Plus while we are sailing, only 1 person sleeps at a time - the other is on watch.  
Looking for the pot of gold

We will be updating our blog daily while we are at sea - sorry no pictures.

Since we are going to remote islands, we don't anticipate having internet for a couple of months.  But, as soon as we do, we will upload pictures.

And away we go! Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.  Come and visit us in Fiji!

Thinking of things we won't have for a while - in no special order:  fountain soda drinks, washing machine, big showers, draft beer, car, Costco, internet, and walks along the beautiful lagoons...
Nai'a Lagoon at Sunset


Anessa Collins said...

Hip Hip Hooray!

Let the next phase of this adventure begin!

Mel & Jon said...

Go, Moondance, go! We'll be reading your blog and wishing you fair winds. Love you guys!

shawn and chris said...

Enjoy, we'll be interested to hear stories a year after we went. Send hello's to the Fanning folk from Tao! Happy Sailing!

Shawn and Chris
s/v Tao

Crit said...

Be safe and I am so happy for you guys. Color me green again. xo Crit

Anonymous said...

Fair sea and wind to you! We'll be following you.
From the Powells on s/v Calou