Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy for sure!

No, our projects are not finished, but we are close.

No, our engine issues have not been resolved, but progress has been made.

Yes, we decided to sail Moondance north to Puerto Escondido for Loreto Fest! There are parties, games, prizes, food, drink, and a lot of our cruising buddies will be there. How could we miss that? Plus, we have to defend our "Over the Line" championship from last year. Go Team!

So, we left La Paz yesterday, April 26. It took a week to get Moondance ready to go and, needless to say, we still weren't ready. We are still stowing and cleaning as we cruise and don't expect that to change for awhile!

We have loved our time at Casa Ana and staying at Ana and Steve's wonderful home has allowed us to work on some major boat projects. But, it feels so good to be on Moondance again - we have missed our home plus missed being on the water!

We motor sailed to Isla San Francisco, which is further than we planned, but the wind was good and we needed to cover some ground. We experienced the most beautiful sunset with a spectacular dolphin show - how fun! We anchored in the dark at 9; dinner at 10; and asleep by midnight. Pooped!

Today, we had a great sailing day and even used our whisker poll to sail wing-on-wing (first time on Moondance). Didn't catch any fish, but enjoyed our day. We dropped our anchor at Punta San Telmo and are enjoying a beautiful evening and arrachera tacos for dinner while we listen to the Cubs game. Why not?

Tomorrow, we are hoping for another fun sailing day and expect to be in Puerto Escondido early afternoon.

Life is good!


Jeremy said...

Hey thanks for visiting our blog guys! I have to say I am completely and totally jealous of you guys and your escapades. Hadn't looked on here in a while (Since Tri-Cities actually!) but I'm glad to get back on the Moondance's coattails.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Get. Out. Of. The. Marina.

Just jealous...