Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trekking South

**Posted via Single Sideband Radio.**

We spent two nights anchored at Isla Coronados and had a grand time - the weather and water were warm and wonderful. We spent the days hiking, fishing, and playing in the water. Wait until you see the photos - they are amazing.

Yesterday, we anchored off of Loreto and said farewell to Fern. She bussed back to La Paz and we miss her all ready. Brian is going to sail south to La Paz with us and he's looking forward to the adventure. We hope to show him a great time and really hope to catch some more fish!

We left Puerto Escondido today and motored over to Yellowstone Beach on Isla Monserrate - our first time here and it is just beautiful. The beach is lined with yellow striated limestone bluffs, plus we had the most amazing sunset - hot pink and orange. We are looking forward to more fishing, snorkeling, and checking out the beach tomorrow.

Wish you were here!

**Photos will be posted once we get internet access.**

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