Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rocking and Rolling

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And the band wasn't evening playing!

We woke up about 5 AM on Monday anchored off of Yellowstone Beach on Isla Monserrate. The boat was rocking and rolling so much things were flying around. Since we were up (and not very comfortable), we decided to hoist the anchor and move on. A small norther was coming in and we wanted to be a little more protected.

We motored over to Aqua Verde, which is one of our favorite places. Beautiful waters, hiking, a couple of stores, and even a little restaurant. But... after cruising through the bay, we decided that there were too many boats for us to be able to tuck in far enough to avoid the swells. Time to initiate our backup plan: Bahia San Marte, which is just around the corner.

Bahia San Marte is an amazing little bay that doesn't get used much - most boats pass it on the way to Aqua Verde. Currently, we are the only boat in the bay and we are making the most of it. We have been here two days and have spent the time hiking, fishing, snorkeling, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and stunning sky - hard to believe there are so many stars out there. All of us agree, this is the best snorkeling we have seen in the Sea so far.

Doug and Brian are dinghying around the bay trolling for dinner right now. They tried fishing with bait first, but all they caught was a moray eel (4 footer they say) that didn't want to give back the hook. Wish they would have taken their camera. The water is so clear, they could have filmed the whole thing - pretty amazing!

We think we will continue South tomorrow - unless we change our mind. Decisions come very slowly around here!

I have taken so many amazing photos - can't wait to post them!

**Photos will be posted once we get internet access.**

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