Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A wonderful time was had by all!

For sure - Loreto Fest was even better and bigger than last year and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes too much, but that is another story and I won't be sharing those pictures/videos!

There was a spaghetti feed, pancake breakfast, lost of potluck goodies, spam art contest, seminars, dingy races, plus lots more fun stuff. We played games for 3 days and were good competition, but only placed 2nd in Horseshoes. We were busts at Bocci Ball and Over the Line, but loved every minute of it. We got involved in the cleaning the bay project and found some real treasures for our costumes (which we didn't win either). We enjoyed see our old amigos, plus made lots of new ones that we look forward to meeting again and again.

Fern and Brian joined us and got right into the swing of things - we signed them up for all kinds of fun things and got them moved on to Moondance - they have loved it! Everyday, we hear "I just can't stand it!".

After the Fest, we had a "play" day and went to Loreto for a shopping and dining excursion - what a beautiful town. If you ever are close, you got to check it out. Best guacamole and ice cold cervezas can be found at La Cascada, plus you have to see the lobby of the La Posada de Los Flores hotel - it is amazing!

Tuesday, we grabbed Fern and Brian and sailed away from Puerto Escondido - Yeah! We had a little more wind and less wind than expected and Fern and Brian got a good induction to sailing in the Sea. We are anchored in Puerto Ballandra on Isla Carmen and having a grand time. We spent yesterday snorkeling, kayaking, and playing with all of the water toys. We wrapped up the day by dinghy fishing. Fern and Brian were very successful at fishing (not us). They caught a yellow snapper, hogfish, trigger fish, cabrilla, rock fish, plus a couple of small barracudas (that we didn't keep). We didn't get to eat the hogfish though - it jumped off the cleaning table! Guess we need to catch another one! Needless to say, we had a very yummy dinner that we shared with Jess and Shanna from Jessie's Girl. Why not?

Today we are sailing over to Isla Coronados - just because we can!

PS: We saw a whale shark! Not a great picture, but great fun. We think it was about 15 foot long and was just swimming around the Puerto Escondido harbor!

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