Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bugging out!

We left San Telmo yesterday and motored approximately 40 miles to Isla San Jose. We tried to sail, but the only wind was right on our nose. We still enjoyed the ride and the scenery - even got to see a whale spouting in the distance.

We spent last night at the southern end of Isla San Jose in Bahia Amortajada and got eaten up by no-see-ums (or Mexican jejenes), so we were happy to leave first thing this morning!

I have always wanted to stop at Isla Coyote, so we did - yeah! Isla Coyote is a small rocky island that is inhabited by fishermen and their families - one of the few inhabited islands in the Sea. We enjoyed the tour of the island and the people. What a view from the top of the 40 foot island - surrounded by Isla San Francisco and Isla San Jose. If you are sailing by, you gotta check it out.

Today, we are anchored in Isla San Francisco - one of our favorite places. It has beautiful green waters and an amazing white sandy beach. We thought about hiking and fishing, but since none of us slept much last night, we decided to play in the water, walk the beach, and just hang out.

A great day followed by an early night for sure. I am thinking that Brian and Doug are going to need some Benadryl to help them forget their bug bites - they got zillions of them!

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