Thursday, May 13, 2010

Steak and Lobster for dinner tonight!

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With some brownies for dessert. How does that sound?

We are anchored at Punta San Telmo. We arrived here yesterday after enjoying a great sail. Flew our spinnaker, did a little wing-on-wing, and ended with an exciting finish. The wind had kicked up a bit more than we expected - guess we need to listen to the weather report once in a while!

We dinghyed to shore, which has a beautiful white beach surrounded by amazing red rock formations - kind of looks like Southern Utah. We did a little hiking and took a bunch of pictures. We have been entertaining ourselves by watching the local fisherman, the sea lions, vultures, and other wild creatures, plus the amazing stars at night. Brian snorkeled; we kayaked - busy, busy, busy.

First thing this morning, local fishermen in a panga came by and sold us 4 live langosta (lobsters) - just pulled out of the water. We immediately started planning dinner. Can't wait! Don't get me wrong, the fish that Brian and Doug have been catching have been muy bueno, but langosta - that's a whole different fish.

So far, we are the only boat in this beautiful bay. Brian keeps talking about firing a cannon off the bow if boats get too close. Moondance is going to have quite a reputation! Don't get me wrong, we love cruisers, but every once in a while it is such a special treat to have a little piece of paradise to ourselves.

**Photos will be posted once we get internet access.**

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