Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Regatta - racing again!

Captain Patsy (s/v Talion) asked us to join her again for the 4-day Spring Regatta and we couldn't resist!

Patsy and Marv are excellent racers and instructors and very patient - thank goodness.

Since we were only a crew of 4 this time, we knew we were going to have to work harder and learn quicker. We are getting better, but we definitely have lots of room for improvement.

The Regatta schedule:
  • Day 1 - La Paz to Caleta Partida (25 miles)
  • Day 2 - Caleta Partida to Isla San Francisco (25 miles)
  • Day 3 - Isla San Francisco to Roca Lobos (34)
  • Day 4 - Roca Lobos to La Paz (10 miles)
We had good winds and no winds; big waves and no waves; nasty bobo's that attacked us; and we sailed and sailed and sailed. It is amazing how creative you become when you can't use your engine and want to cross the finish line first!
  • Day 1 - finished 3rd - darting through boats at the finish line
  • Day 2 - finished 2nd - with our spinnaker flying - heading right for the beach
  • Day 3 - finished 1st - and we were happy to be at anchorage before dark
  • Day 4 - finished 2nd - no wind in the channel so had to tack, tack, tack (1st place, Detente, set a new record for the leg from Roca Lobos to La Paz!)
We arrived at Isla San Francisco so early on the 2nd day, we had options: snorkeling, hiking, fishing, etc. Instead - Patsy decided to throw a party and invited everyone over.

We had a wonderful time and were successful in cleaning out Patsy's liquor cabinet and reducing our food stores.

Deb and Don (s/v Buena Vista) provided fresh caught tuna sashimi with all of the fixins - yummy.

Everyone had a grand time. Team Talion was moving just a bit slow the next day, but that didn't seem to affect our 1st Place finish on the 3rd leg!

We won't know the "official" results of the regatta until the party on Wednesday, but no matter what - we had a wonderful time!

Thanks, Patsy!

Race Update: We got 2nd Place on the Northbound leg; 1st Place on the Southbound leg. We done good!


Ana said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Love the pictures!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Nice butt picture.
The funny part?
You have control over what pics you post... or did you knot know that?

Jaye said...

Done good indeed. Sounds and looks like a ton of fun.