Monday, May 31, 2010

Adios La Paz!

You know that you have been in a place too long when it is hard to say Good Bye! But, it is time for Moondance to sail away...

We are going to miss all of the wonderful friends we have made on the Baja - especially our amigos Fern and Brian. But we know that we will meet again and again - somewhere sometime. More great memories to be made for sure!

Our plans - sail over to the mainland and spend the summer in Puerta Vallarta. Everyone says it is going to be really hot and steamy, but we just received an air conditioner (thanks Fern and Brian)! Staying at Paradise Village Marina allows access to all of the amenities of the resort - pools, air conditioned bars, activities, etc., and we plan to take advantage of them all!

We are planning to do a bunch of inland trips to the high country - why not. Can't wait to see all of the beautiful places we have heard so much about.

During our extended stay in La Paz we have accomplished everything on our project list, plus more. Pretty amazing, huh? The big things:
  • Installed the watermaker, generator, wind generator (almost), opening ports in the main salon, electrical panel, and lots of new gadgets
  • Replaced the fuel and water lines, rebedded chain plates, rewired the starboard side, new canvas,and rebuilt the exhaust system
  • Plus, we still managed to have some fun - go figure.
Moondance is looking good!

Our long term plans: April 2011, we will be sailing off to the Galapagos, Gambiers, Tuomotos, Marquesas, and beyond. We are so excited!

PS: Thanks again to Ana and Steve for letting us stay at Casa Ana - it made our life so much easier while we were in project mode!


Julia said...

We'll miss you guys over here in La Paz! Have a great crossing over to PV, and stay in touch!
-julia and jacob
SV Pisces

Jeremy said...

Are you kidding me? The Galapagos? Man you guys ROCK! That's the one place where I'm dying to go. Take good pictures and let us know if you discover a new species. :) Sounds like you guys are doing awesome. Let us know next time you come see the "Mainlanders."