Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well, we had hoped to retire and sail away in 2007, but Doug was miserable at work and needed a change. He applied for a position in NM with a group that was working on Air Force security and got it - life just got very interesting! We moved him to New Mexico in September, 2007. The big plan was that Doug would spend a year traveling around the world working at different Air Force bases designing and installing their security systems. All of this traveling would increase his pay which would be applied to our cruising kiddy - yeah! Places visited: Florida, England, Germany, and Italy. I got to visit him everywhere and enjoyed every minute of the traveling.

While Doug wasn't traveling, he was fortunate to have wonderful ABQ friends to stay with. First, Joe and Leah then Kathy and Deb. Without all of their help and support, we would have never survived these crazy times. We will never be able to thank them enough.

Unfortunately, the year turned out to be a year and 9 months. Doug's project was going well and he wanted to finish up some projects. It was a little stressful on all of us and involved lots of travel back and forth to NM and lots of other places, but it all worked out.

We were able to see some beautiful sites during that time. Kathy and Deb were even able to to travel to Germany with us. We had a great time visiting Germany, Italy, and Austria!

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