Sunday, September 21, 2008

Refrigeration project - oh my!

New Corian counter tops - yahoo. Still more work to do, but we are getting closer. Doug thinks he will actually fire up the new refrigeration system today!

Before we head South, we (Doug) needs to completely gut the our current refrigeration system and build a new one. We have all ready bought the parts - just need to get started. Our main goal is to be able to make ice cubes in Mexico and the South Pacific. We shall see!

Tearing out the old fridge.

Yes, there is a big whole where the fridge used to be!

New fridge is in progress - lots more insulation - 6 inches or more in some places.

Deadline looming -
only four days until our new
counter tops get installed...

Getting closer!

1 comment:

Behan said...

Those counters look GORGEOUS, think I have galley envy! Well done guys. Come see our 26 year old yellowing formica on Totem whenever it feels like you've been a too much work...oh, cold beer comes with the tour. ;-)