Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun at the Boatyard!

JUNE, 2006: Well, this was an adventure. We took the boat out of the water on June, 1, 2006. 6 weeks later, we put her back in. We didn't think that it would take that long, but we were able to get lots of work done.

Doug fixed lot of blisters (small ones), had the bottom repaired, replaced the standing rigging, mast steps installed, and much more. We had one one unexpected item that caused the big delay. We found water in our rudder, so decided to gut it and have it filled with a material that doesn't absorb water - just in case water leaks into again. This was a big chore and involved lots of glass work by Nelson's. We were able to keep our self busy while waiting for the rudder. I painted and sanded, scrubbed and polished, and caused a few electrical smokies - I hate working with electric stuff!

During this time, we stayed at Ana and Steve's boat (thank you), a week at a hotel, and the rest of the time at the boatyard, which is a very interesting place to live! The local guys took very good care of us.

We didn't get our mast back on until the August 10, which was another adventure. We just got the boom on today and hopefully, the sails will follow soon. As always, everytime we start a boat project it takes a lot longer than anticipated. But, we are very happy with our progress and we are that much closer to sailing away forever!

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